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Fun Fact: I am going on my very first cruise, to my very first out of the country adventure!

[Stay Tuned for destination]

For any fashionista wanting to take her entire closet with her so she can have her options, I would advise against! If you're anything like me, you will look into your closet and have no idea where to start, so you begin tossing all your favorite pieces into the suitcase. Let me assure you, this will fail you in many ways! You will have no idea if you've actually packed a complete "look".

When preparing for a cruise, or even an extended out of town trip, it helps if you lay each "complete" outfit out on the ground. This includes shoes, top, bottom, any additional accessories like bangles, sunglasses, hats, earrings, etc. This allows you see your complete head-to-toe look and you'll be able to critique accordingly. If you have no clue how to start, google your favorite bloggers to get inspiration, pull up an image, and see what you have in your closet that resembles your favorite look! It may take a bit of time upfront, but well worth it in the end!

[See example below]

After you've completed each look, you can organize your suitcase or cary-on easily, by folding each look together (OR If you're SUPER organized, you can use different bags to keep your looks separate. Shop OTG247 for "On-the-go-bags" that are perfect for organizing looks, or...your life!)



Photography: Ianjacobphotography

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