10 Steps to improve Dry Skin with Korean Skin Care

Soko Glam - 10 Step Korean Skin care for Normal/Dry Skin

Soko Glam - 10 Step Korean Skin care for Normal/Dry Skin

Hi beauties!! I have really, really, really great news... 

If you have dry skin, THERE IS A WAY OUT! I've struggled with dry skin for several years now and am really excited to share some tips and products that I picked up which helped change my skins overall texture, and brightness over the coarse of 2-3 months. Who else thinks your dry skin will: Fix itself/It's just a phase/It's hormonal or my personal fav..."This is just the way I was born so I have to accept it?" Not true! The answer is: Feed your body the proper nutrients it needs (Nutritional recommendations soon to come!), as well as use natural products that help add moisture back into the skin. Below are the products that have dramatically improved my dry/normal skin type in just a few months! Also I want to mention that most of these products worked for me, but may not work for everyone the same way. There were a few that I wouldn't recommend from this 10 step skin care routine (I purchased this entire set, but I'll walk you through which ones are worth it/not worth it) Lets get to it! 

1. Double cleanse. Koreans know skin best. They've been using a 2-step cleanse system to wash their faces for decades and let me tell you.. it works! Many people don't know this but if you wash your face only with a water based face wash, you're not actually cleaning out all of the toxins/impurities/oils that come from your daily makeup/sunscreen/etc. Science shows us that oil instantly repels from water, the same is true for makeup removers. Use an Oil based cleanser first, then wash your face again with a water based face wash. The two that I use are CLEAN IT ZERO, and Neogen cranberry face wash. I've been using them together for several months now and my face feels on another LEVEL clean every night. Must have essentials. 

2. Beauty water. After my 2-step cleanse, this is the HOLY GRAIL, and I will be re-purchasing over and over again for the rest of my life! It removes any additional makeup/oil/dead skin cells, and you can SEE it come off on your makeup pad, even after you've washed your face. TWICE. It's amazing how we think we're cleaning our face, and we actually aren't. I just wish I knew what I know now, 5 years ago! haha but seriously... it's never too late to change habits. It's really all about educating yourself and being aware. If you own this, or decide to give it a go...leave me comments below!! I would LOVE to hear your positive feedback on it, because I'm certain you'll be just as hooked!

3. Exfoliate! The Neogen gentle Gauze peeling wipe (in Wine) has been a serious favorite! I can't say enough good things. I love the application process. Each application is round Pad, infused with all kinds of benificial properties, apply it onto your face and when done, flip the pad around to the gauze side, and gently rub your face with it. Wash with warm water. This instantly removes any rough surfaces and gently exfoliates your skin. TIP: There are 30 single application pads in this, however I've had mine for 3 months and use it twice a week (and I'm still not OUT!) meaning... you can totally RE-USE the pads by placing them back into the container. The concentrated beneficial ingredients will soak back into your used pad, allowing you to get more bang for your buck! 

4. Tone it up. Use a toner (my favorite is by FRESH) It has a beautiful light rose scent which is, airy, clean and fresh smelling. Instantly removes redness while adding so much hydration. Studies show Rose pedals carry a ton of hydration! Gatta love Mother Earth for providing us with everything we need, even cosmetic fixes! 

5. Essence. Let's be honest, I had no idea what this was until I started on my skin care journey to see what worked for my dry skin. Essence is applied after your toner, it acts as a double hydrator and can be applied underneath makeup. If you don't wear makeup, I've read that most women carry mini spray bottles and mist it on their face throughout the day for an instant hydration. Trying it firsthand for 3 months, I'm gonna keep it real though and say this step isn't necessary for someone just starting to dive into the skincare world and I personally haven't noticed a huge difference when applying it, VS. when I don't. 

6. Masks. After you're done applying your Toner and Essence (optional) as if your face hasn't already been hydrated enough (haha) it's time to pack in more hydration using a mask. When choosing a mask, I go for the ones that have Hyaluronic Acid or Anti aging ingredients. This is MAJOR KEY because it's known for adding a collagen-like boost to your skin. It's also naturally found in our bodies. Some people apply hyaluronic acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer. A few of my FAVORITES are listed below. 

7. Serum. After you remove the mask, let the excess product sink into your face until dry. Now it's time to apply a serum. A little goes along way. These are two great ones below! (Look for ones preferably with Hyaluronic Acid again)

8. Moisturize! After the serum soaks in, apply any moisturizer. My Favorites are ones with Glycolic Acid in it for the Anti- aging properties (If you decide to use Glycolic Acid, be sure you apply sunscreen on afterwards because it makes you more prone to sunburn). After doing a ton of research and trying several different products, Peter Thomas Roth won me over. He uses a great percentage of Glycolic, especially for an over the counter item (not too high or too low).  I'm also loving Clinique's new 72hr Moisture Surge & their Vitamin C Serum!  

9. Sunscreen. Always. Always. Always, Protect thy face! Especially if you're in Florida or very sunny destinations, like me. There are A LOT of sunscreen brands out there that are actually doing more harm then good to your skin. They contain harmful chemicals that leave aluminum traces and other toxins  that seep into your skin. I've done my homework and found that mineral sunscreens are best. Below are my two favorites that have the two most important ingredients: Titanium Dioxide & 
Zinc Oxide that protect you from both, UVA and UVB rays. MURAD is great because it features environmental protection technology, which protects skin from five main causes of skin damage: UVA, UVB, pollution, blue light from devices, and infrared radiation. It smells super nice but is a bit pricier, while the Neogen Sunscreen has similar ingredients for a better price. The bottles may look small, but a little goes along way, only apply to face. Use religiously. 

Step 10. Overnight Moisturizer. The last step at night is to remove all makeup using beginning steps, and then apply a hydrating overnight moisturizer for a full-skin recovery. My Favorites so far have been the ones I listed below! 


Hopefully I helped narrow down your search. Please know that I do not have a degree in skincare, I'm just a super nerd and love to continually research what goes into our products + help spread the knowledge (we all deserve to WIN!)! I encourage you to go to Sephora and ask the associate to try a sample of these first before you buy the full size! (this is how I was able to test a variety of products that varied in price) If you try any of the products I listed above, I'd love to hear! Stay tune for my Nutritional plan that I implement daily to support healthy skin, from the inside. 

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