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Dress is by: March 11 / Photo by: Matteo Ferrer

Dress is by: March 11 / Photo by: Matteo Ferrer

Living in Palm Beach where the winters are non-existent and the summers are steamy, I always find myself reaching for light and airy pieces that I can trust as handy companions to last me through a few summer seasons. My rule of thumbs when shopping are quality, price, wear-a-bility (meaning, how many times will I actually wear this piece to get the most bang out of my buck) and the "is it special" factor. 

Quality sucks? in a short period of time the fabric will begin to wear/will become dingy, snagged, and you won't be reaching for it anymore. This means that if you spent $30 on a top of poor quality (normally can be spotted on certain pieces in Forever21 and H&M that are made of %100 Polyester or some of the "silk" tops), you might only wear it once or twice before it's time to attempt the Platos Closet route and cross your fingers to get $3 for it! (we all know that process! lol) If you want to resell your lightly used clothes, I've had a great success on the app called Poshmark! Come find me @juliemanganelli and sign up with my invite CODE: JULIEMANGANELLI to get $5 to shop! You might even have your first customer (muah)

Price and quality go hand-in-hand, if something is $50+ I would expect it to be of good quality and something that I would wear more than 5 times for it to be worth it. 

Wear-a-bility. Will you actually wear it! Sometimes it looks great on the hanger and the impulse comes out so we buy without trying on. Try it on. Make sure it fits you. Make sure it matches your style and stays true to you and the look you're trying to go for. Make sure you feel comfortable. Make sure you get a confidence boost when you try it on. Ask yourself, where can I wear this to and how many times can I wear it. This will help avoid the closet overflow of "I have nothing to wear" syndrome!

Is it special? Does it look like everything you already own? Is it something that will still be in style next year and the year after? The issue with these fast fashion stores are that sometimes they can be SO trendy, and although their super cute in the moment, they have a very distinctive look that will scream what year its from. You want to cover yourself with pieces that resembles you... timeless and different. 


On another note, I hope you are feeling super beautiful and loved today, because you are. I believe we shouldn't go a day without feeling that!