Dinner under the Palms

Pizza Al Fresco will satisfy all senses...

I'll admit, I'm a HUGE foodie. Bumping into a hidden food gem is like hitting the lotto for me. Pizza Al Fresco is one. 

If you catch yourself wondering the luxurious street of Worth Avenue, Palm beach, this is a brunch / dinner must. Sitting at one of these tables and taking in the scenery will have you feeling like you've transported yourself to cozy local restaurant in Spain (I've never been to Spain, but this is what I imagine it looking like!). From the historic Spanish architecture, to the birds singing as they fly from palm to palm, and the service that you will receive as you sit onto these basket woven chairs will have all of your senses thanking you.

Our meals were delivered with a smile and it was time to enjoy. I ordered the Prosciutto Sand which, which came with Mozzarella, Roasted peppers, Arugula, and Balsamic Drizzle served on Ciabatta toasted bread & accompanied with Terra Chips. My friend ordered the Pollo Alla Milanese which cooked to perfection and topped with Arugula, onion, and lemon dressing. Their prices are reasonable and you will find yourself next time... "purposely wondering" to Pizza Al Fresco again.