Old & New

"Save money. Style your oldies in with the newbies"  - Julie

Sunnies (sweet story on these below) : Cutler and Gross

Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Forever 21

Heels: Just Fab

Hi Guys! 

Today I wanted to share a little something about SAVING. Great style doesn't always have to consist of a name brand in order to be "Chic" or "Cool". In fact, I find most of my favorite pieces at hole in the wall thrift stores with the name brand tags ripped out from the inside. (Side note: I may do a few entries of my recent finds at a local thrift store that I used to style for a magazine in the keys a week ago!) Let me know if you'd like to see how I thrift?:)

It can be a little intimidating for most, seeing fashionistas carry the most recent XYZ designer handbag (and although i'm guilty of drooling over them too) sometimes it's just not a realistic purchase at this point in your life. If your finances don't support that lifestyle, thats OK! You'll get there. Don't ever feel pressured! In the meantime, here are some tips on what you can do to find your inner style with the budget you have. 

1. Mix in the old: My rule of thumb, is splurging on Classics. Like a classic pencil skirt, a tweed jacket, a neutral pair of shoes. The key is to gather up as many classics as you can, so that as the trends come and go (if you choose to follow the trends) then you can pair that classic pencil skirt with the newest 2017 emerald green sweater thats hot off the runway. This will easily transition you from every season, seamlessly, without others noticing how often you are re-using that classic piece! (sneaky sneaky...)

2. Don't be afraid of the thrift stores: When i was younger, we didn't have a lot of money growing up. My mom taught us to use what we have, and she would shop for us within our means. This unfortunately at the time, had me by my mothers side in goodwill looking for clothes. I was so ashamed of it for some reason. I remember not even wanting to go in sometimes, because other friends were wearing Polo Ralf Lauren and Birkenstocks. (who remembers those haha). But looking back, I embrace what she did for me. It helped me develop my own style, unique to me, and also taught me to save. Stay tune in my next blog posts as I take you through how to quickly find really expensive designer clothes for under $10 at thrift stores. 

These sunnies have a story on their own. I was at my old design job, when I received a phone call that our house had been broken into. Come to find out, everything nice I ever owned was taken.  I was pretty traumatized after that, and walked into work the next day, only to see my sweet friend Jodi. She said she was giving away some old clothes to goodwill, and if I wanted to take a peak to see if I liked anything. Come to find out, the two giant bags were filled with designer sunglasses, dresses, etc. I remember laying on my floor, room a wreck from the burglar who trashed it, and just felt super thankful that there were such sweet people out there. (If you have any stories like this, I would LOVE to hear them, comment below!)

As always, thanks for the love! 

Xo Julie