Interview with Mario Lopez

Interviewed Celebrity Actor & TV host Mario Lopez (aka AC Slater) 

Ladies night at the Seminole Casino at Coconut Creek, featuring Mario Lopez 

Stepping into the Seminole Casino instantly triggers all of your senses. This space is always filled with endless possibilities & small but hopeful chances to test your luck! I’m sure everyone has been to a casino, but today it was more than just a gambling adventure. I was asked by LuxuryPR to interview Mario Lopez! 

As myself and the PR team patiently waited for his arrival, we caught up on life and reviewed the nights overview. From around the corner appeared 10 camera men and Mario. It was go time. Standing right in front of New York Steak house, the video cameras turned on, Mario’s agent looked at me and said, are you ready? They quickly mic’d Mario and myself up, and the cameras turned on. If you’re curious how the interview went, you can check it out here

After the quick interview, we headed over to the ladies night event which featured Lord and Taylor pop up shops, a beauty bar with makeup & perfume, blackjack tables, a plentiful buffet of gourmet cheeses, meats and fruit and a private VIP section which selected guests went to have a meet and greet with Mario over a glass of Veuve Clicquot. It was a beautiful event and I was honored to be apart of it!