New York, New York. Photo by @ianjacobphotography

Hey Guys! I’m Julie. 

Life update: I just got married to the love of my life!

I grew up in an artistic family who always encouraged me to create, use what you have, and embrace the small milestones. After graduating the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, for Fashion Design, I became a lead jewelry designer for Stephanie Kantis where I sketched mostly all of the collections, came up with seasonal inspiration; managed production sampling, and learned how to run a business while managing a creative design team. After years of learning and loving the design side of creating a product, I realized there was no more room for growth and took a leap of faith. I quit my 9-5, started my own company in the world of styling, social media, branding and marketing! 

Daily.jule was created while I was working for SK as a way to find some sort of "balance". If you've been in the design/fashion/corporate industry, you know how the hours roll into days and you forget to eat! I was a 20 year old relentless, inspired, goal-focused entrepreneur, that saw the light at the end of the tunnel. However this quickly lead to the unhealthiest, mentally and physically state I've ever been in. I desperately needed balance. (have you ever felt like this?) In attempt to find it, I would take my 30 minute break to drive around Palm Beach Island in my fiat and would pull up in-front of the charming buildings on the island, roll down my fiat window; stick my iPhone in the open window; put the timer on; and run out infront to pose & "do-my-thing" in all my styled work outfits... Let's just say my fiat soon became my photographer for all of the beginning stages of my blog (currently laughing at myself haha) You have to start somewhere!

I had an eye opening experience that led me to start my own Social Media Consulting business. I always dreamed of having "My own thing" but for years, I couldn't figure out what that "thing" was. It was internally frustrating, and held me back from starting sooner. But, what I know is, the timing of your life is perfect and you just have to start. Start anything. Start with what you know and what you have a passion for. This was the riskiest, most terrifying, at some points regretful, BEST decision I've ever made. Working for yourself is so liberating, and the best part is, anyone can do it! 

When I'm not working on the blog or for clients, you can catch me at the gym, meal prepping for the week (which happens on Sunday's) or you might run into me around the Island of Palm Beach looking for epic photo op's, thrifting at hole in the wall thrift stores, or spending time with my cat (Drake), Puerto Rican husband Matteo, family and friends. 

I hope I get to learn your story!

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